Trans-for-Matha Ensemble

The Fourier transform decomposes a function of time into the number of its constituent frequencies. This very definition can be found in every mathematics or physics book. But it might be applied to us as well. Our Ensemble, which contains individual characters and sometimes very different temperaments, is joining, merging and intertwining them together on the stage. 

Trans-for-Matha Ensemble is an orchestra which specializes in performing modern music, with particular emphasis put on intermedial works. It was founded in Poznań in 2018 by Michał Janocha and Dominik Puk. Ensemble activity focuses on three main layers. First and the most important – concert performance of symphonic music, especially with electroacoustic media and others (video, movement, dance, interactivity etc.). The second – solo and small ensemble music performance, which made us flexible for concert requirements. The third and crucial for us – cooperation with youth and people unfamiliar with contemporary music. Our motto is to create and develop musical sensitivity (by workshops, lectures etc.). 

We remain strongly connected with the Poznań artistic environment, however, we are also focusing our activity on works currently being created in various Polish and foreign music centers, promoting the latest trends in symphonic, band and solo music. In this way, each of us creates the Ensemble’s “texture” – from the micro (solo) to the macro (tutti) aspect. Meeting us at a concert you can observe how the “transform” of different “frequencies”, obtained and synthesized from our individual, artistic personalities, makes up the “function” of the Ensemble as a whole.

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