Zbyněk Janáček


University of Palacki in Olomouc, Faculty of Philosophy

Since 1991, he taught at the University of Ostrava as an assistant professor in departments of plastic education and artistic creativity. 

Currently he is a dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ostrava. He is active both in the field of free and applied graphics. 

He organized independent exhibitions in Prague, Olomous, Yherski Hradiszcz, Hranice in Moravia, Havierzow, Opava, Cracow and Ostrava. 

Since 1994 he has participated in many collective exhibitions and presentations of graphic art abroad (in Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Canada, Brazil, Italy, India, Croatia, Russia, Costa Rica, Hungary, Korea). Among the Czech group exhibitions, it’s worth mentioning the Prague exhibitions, fot example Czech graphics of the second half of the 20th centory (Manes Gallery). 

His earlies works were made in the color linocut technique, in recent years he has been devoted to serigraphy anddigital printing. 

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