Interactive Sound Art Studio
dr hab.Tomasz Wendland | dr Michał Janocha
Art Academy in Szczecin

Symularis 2020 students’ project

Space is the result of the interaction between the work of the studio’s students.
Single simulacra creates an image of a limited reality,
the crossing of which is the way to search for other worlds.

Students: Cecylia Wróbel, Lena Kłosińska, Natalia Miśkowiec, Izabela Fedorowicz, Katarzyna Zioła, Emilia Żmuda, Wiktoria Kotecka Natalia Kaplita-Toczynska, Magdalena Pacek, Artur Rawa, Jakub Heland, Samuel Seniw, Karol Modrzejewski, Natalia Cenarska, Elvin Mazur


video: Cecylia Wróbel

Pavilion 0/3 GAD

CLASS of Fine Arts
Prof. Ulrika Eller-Rüter
Alanus University of Art Social Science

For many years Professor Ulrika Eller-Rüter from the Fine Arts Department of Alanus University in Alfter/Bonn, Germany has been working with students in different fields. Her international and interdisciplinary art projects were very often located at neuralgic and virulent points in society and nature. 

In view of the current world situation and corona-pandemic students have investigated questions about the “universals” of human existence, the “architecture” of life and the relationship between man and the environment. They have created “spaces” in different facets from digital to analog. 

At Giudecca they will be presenting the outcomes in painting, digital collage, papercut, drawing, installation, video, photography etc.

Students: Layali Alawad, Hashem Alshater, Yeonwha Bae, Evangelia, Natasza Deddner, Anna Dippel, Emilia Dix, Tong Geng, Matsatso Gogishaishvili, Tom Gully, Charles Heimbach, Olga Heller Magdalena Keilhofer, Paata Kokaia, Kim Mertens, Claudia Przedpelski, Yan Rong, Alicia Steigerwald, Saja Sorokina, Wolfgang Tiller, Fabian Wilkus, Joo Yeon Yang, Kristopher Vajes Hanyang Zhang

Interdisciplinary Graphics Studio - Sound
Art Academy in Szczecin

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