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SMRk Group + / Maciej Śmietański , Piotr Mosur, Wojtek Radtke, Grzegorz Klaman /.
Pavilion 0/4 Beyond Code & Time. September 2022
Spazio Thetis Palazzina Modelli Arsenale Nord Venice Italy.

The multi-element installation Hell of Gnosis will have its premiere in the form of a video recording at Spazio Thetis Palazzina Modelli in Venice during a group exhibition, accompanying the Venice Biennale. Its next edition will be the first full unveiling of this work at the LABOARTORIUM space at Gdansk Shipyard.

The planned, intricate space of the work will create contexts relating to biotechnological, informational and climatic processes. The undefined function and puzzling processes, which the viewer will be able to observe in the work itself, along with the accompanying installations will give the viewer possibilities to modify and influence the elements of the work in unexpected ways by the fact of his presence. The efficiency of the interactor, however, will not guarantee the certainty of the process in which the viewer participates, as some objects have an autonomous status managed by an algorithm. The impact of selected elements such as fluctuations in atmospheric temperature, levels of plankton in the ocean, ocean currents, wind strength solely depends on non-human causes, generated in real time. – We receive data from meteorological satellites provided by EUMETSAT (European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites) and processed into impulses that creatively modify aspects of the installation. – We remain uncertain as to whether the level of ability to reproduce and develop the “bricks of life” in the “primordial soup” composed of methane, hydrogen, water vapours and organic compounds, such as alanine, glycine, cysteine, methionine and others is actually taking place here and now and can became a next Genesis at any time and place. The individual elements form hybrid a quasi-laboratory and research space, and they will be created through our collaboration with biotechnologists, biologists, chemists, neurologists and computer scientists. These clusters of devices and apparatuses form a machine which occupies our imagination – the human imagination, gazing at its own technosphere like a mirror; they are a kind of an augmented body with which our civilization has equipped us over the past hundreds of years. The technology we have created is beginning to self-modify and autonomise, leaving the human mind outside the symbiotic community

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