Peter Puype

DR. Peter Puype (1974 / Torhout / Belgium) lives and works in Ghent. With his work he responds to social events, interpersonal relationships, the shocking lack of understanding and empathy, the territorial sense, corruption, deception … In short: what is quite wrong in society. Sometimes his work manages to show doubt and so he gets often very diverse significant responses to his work. Due to his deep-rooted commitment and keen insight his work may knock your socks off.
His criticism and vision usually takes shape by the thoughtful use of language which he gives a graphic form. By being alert and responding quickly, the society provides him consistantly a fire for artistic (re)action.
The powerful quoted message dominates, the words, phrases and images sink in, although the color and shape often plays an essencial role. Sometimes he expresses himself also through videos and performances and if you look carefully you will surely find humor in his work.

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