Arche' - Architecture of Universe 15.07.2021 - Pavilion 0 / GAD - Giudecca, Venice has finished with a great concert of polish digital music by Trans-for-Matha from Music Academy in Poznań

Students Show and workshop inspired
by the architecture of Giudecca Island

Spazio Bocciofila / Giudecca / Venice

Andrzej Fasiecki
Cycle: Experimenting with Simulated Space that Constitutes a Model of Images of Reality

Pavilion 0 / GAD Venice

Arek Marcinkowski | Palindromic Primes

Pavilion 0 / GAD Venice

Grzegorz Hańderek | Untitled

Pavilion 0 / GAD Venice

Kosaara and people in Venice

Action in the public square. City Museum

The first exhibition in the Pavilion 0

62 artists from Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Czech, Estonia, Italy, Israel, Japan, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan and Thailand.

Arche' - Architecture of Universe in Pavilion 0 in Venice

The opening of the exhibition was preceded by a presentation of research on dark matter and the relationship between art and science. Two Scientists from the Laboratori Nazionali Del Gran Sasso – INFN : Paolo Gorla e Marcello Messina has given a small lectures.

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