Michał Janocha

Author of over eighty pieces of chamber, symphonic and electroacoustic music, six sound installations and music for over twenty films.

His compositions have been performed so far in Europe and the USA, including festivals:

Audio Art Festival, CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival, CIME 38th Festival, Warsaw Autumn, Poznań Spring Music, Átlátszó Hang New Music Festival, Earth Day Art Model, MDF Festival MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM, Young Composers Meeting 25th, Festival De Música I Vuelta al Mundo, Sound Art Festival.

He worked with: Poznań Philharmonic, Philharmonic in Szczecin, Rybnik Philharmonic, Orkest de Ereprijs, E-MEX Ensemble, Trans-for-Matha Ensemble, λ-ensemble, Liebchen–Kwiatkowska–Pałosz Trio, Polish Violin Duo and many others.

As a conductor, he has performed (and recorded) dozens of classical and new music pieces. He permanently cooperates with the Poznań Laptop Orchestra λ-ensemble and the Trans-for-Matha Ensemble, of which he is a co-founder.

Member of the Electroacoustic Music Studio in Poznań Academy of Music (SMEAMuz Poznań), member of Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music, member of Polish Composers’ Union.

Important works: 

Warianty zdarzeń (2021) for chamber orchestra

Tactile thresholds (2021) for laptop orchestra

POLSKA 2020 (2021) interactive audio-video

Jest na to czas i miejsce (2020) interactive video-opera

Rearrangeable (2020) for ensemble and interactive spatialisation

Mikstury skontrastowane (2020) for violin or viola solo

Benign M. (2020) for trio and stereo tape

Koncert (2019) for chamber orchestra and surround live electronics

Spatial counterpoint (2019) for 8-channel tape

Słyszę, że patrzysz (2019) multimedia spectacle

Five roots (2019) for smartphones and live electronics

Nu (2019) for alto saxophone and live electronics

Hùndùn (2019) for percussion and live electronics

Myśl syntetyczna (2019) for two mezzo-sopranos, tenor, baritone, surround live electronics and orchestra

Skry (2018) for tupa, conductor and leap motion

Uwertura (2018) for orchestra and stereo tape

Hippocampbreak (2018) for bass string instrument and live electronics
6w1 (2018) for bass trombone, trombone sextet and live electronics

The blue oranges (2018) for extended piano and orchestra

Loosing (2018) for accordion and stereo tape

THE MARK (2018) interactive installation

Pneuma (2017) for bass flute, double bass and live electronics

Pensiero sospeso (2016) for orchestra

Four of me for off me (2016) for four cellos and orchestra

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