Lu Bo-Hang & Su Yi-Hsuan

Lu Bo-Han 

1996 born in Taichung﹐Taiwan. 

Most of his works use mix media as the main axis, trying to explore the position and relationship of human beings in history, memory, system, and nature with various creative forms such as painting, model, photography, performance, video, and Project Art. 

This is the first time that the two artists participated in the exhibition as a team. The transformation of nature and the positioning of humanities and history have always been the direction of mutual interest for the two. It can be seen from the work that two artists focus on the locality of the site, the symbolism of the object, the interactivity of the performers, and the Imagination space revealed by works.

Su Yi-Hsuan 

1998 born in Taipei﹐Taiwan. 

Most of her works are sculptures and installations, and also try to merge mixed media such as performance, video, and project art to explore the relationship between nature and humanities, field and story, and focus on the transformation of human body perception from nature to the present.

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