Jakub Cikała

born in 1982 in Katowice


Academy of FIne Arts in Katowice

His interests include the broadly defined intermedia graphics. His works was shown many times in Poland and abroad. 

His graphic design work focuses on visual information systems.

He has co-authored such systems for museums, monument routes and shopping malls. The visual information system design for the Silesian Museum has won several prizes, including the iF Design Award 2017, bronze medal at ED-Awards 2016, silver in the Joseph Binder Award competition, and was a finalist in the Architizer A+Award competition. 

In 2010, Jakub Cikała joined the Games Research Association of Poland. He designs the mechanics and creates graphics for games, working in the Sleepless Clinic independent studio since 2014.

Most important individual exhibition

Slant light Jakub Cikała, Galeria Koridor, University of Ostrava, Faculty of Fine Arts, 2016

Most important collective exhibition

International Biennale of Digital Graphics, Gdynia, 2016

SPACE VIEW LIGHT Tychy Light & Sound Festival 2016

Duets – educator and student, 4×4 Český Těšín, Galerie Půda, Czech Republic

Dialogue with a digital shadow, X Gallery of the Institute of Fine Arts, Czestochowa, 2016

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