Chen Hsin-Wei

Chen Hsin-Wei was born in Taiwan Taichung, and currently based in Tokyo. Studying in Tokyo University of the Arts. He works as an artwork photographer, over 8 years of photographing artwork experience for domestic and international Art Festivals, Artists, and Arts Organizations. Hsin-Wei uses his own profession as one of the means of artistic creation. Most of his works focus on the relationship between memory and advances in information technology, or absoluteness of time and calculation logic. He deals with emotional topics in a very rational way, tries to let the viewersto re-imagine the meaning behind photography. His important shows include WHATZ Art Fair (2022); Pavilion 0 /3 GAD Architecture Biennale in Venice, Italy (2021); Nakanojo Biennale, Japan (2021, 2019); Mediation Biennale, Poland (2020); Hanover Pavilion O2, Germany (2020); Synthetic Mediart, Taiwan (2019).

Shen Yu-Kai

Shen Yu-Kai was born in Yunlin, Taiwan. He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Chang Jung Christian University. Current study in Tainan National University of the Arts Graduate Institute of Animation and Film Art. Focusing on Experimental Animation. His works mainly focus about what he gained and lost in the memory. As time goes by, things around us will be age even lose. Hence, he searches the look of his memory, and collect extant items to reappear them

Nonlinear information



This work is planned from 2020 to 2022. The epidemic continues to spread. The two people who cannot meet will share and imagine each other’s lives through video data. Everyday signs, colors, and inorganic shapes are transformed into an imaginary space of data stacking. Time is scaled and stretched, forming a kind of communication without a timeline. Through the guide bricks, we peep into each other’s lives. Through the guide bricks, this broken world is still running. And the sound, temperature, crowd, try to step on that land again, and feel the feeling of anxiety and anticipation.

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