Harro Schmidt

born in 1957 in Grossburgwedel

Lives in Hannover. 


University of Hannover (Fine Arts and Geology and Paleontology)

Visual artist specializes in multimedia, installations and painting. He combines scientific knowledge and visual effects to create unusual and experimental installations. 

He also works as a curator. 

Selected exhibitions: 

Pavilion 02, House of Arts in Opava, 2020

Pavilion 02, Far From Home (FFH), Guidecca Art District iRv, Venice, 2019

Symularis, South Sour Water, Performance and Visual Art Festival, Taipeh, Taiwan, 2019

Exotheric, gellery floor Greenhouse, Berlin, 2019

Territories II – spatial and border issues multimedia (DdAlls II), Domagh Ateliers, Hall 50, Munich, 2019

Virtual Garden, Mediations Biennale, Poznan, 2018

Florale, art in public space, Berggarten, Hannover, 2018

IJacking, Augumented Reality Festival, KiöR, Hannver, 2018

Consensus – no consensus, a: b in. d., Municipal Gallery KUBUS, Hanower, 2017

Attitude, Chinese-German multimedia project, Shanghai Yun Art Center, China 2017

Immigrant Hotel 5: Empty Garden , Biennale Nakanojo, Japan, 2015

Immigrant Hotel 6: Human Parallels , Biennale Yogyakarta, Indonesien, 2015

RAVY-Festival , Yaounde, Kamerun, 2013

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