Harro Schmidt

1957 born in Grossburgwedel, lives in Hannover 

Curation & Administration & visual artist Focus: multimedia installation, light objects, painting, drawing 

Works in private and public ownership: City of Hanover, Young Art Collections NORD/LB, Schloß Salder, u.a.

Harro D.B.Schmidt works as artist and art director of the Kunsthalle Faust, Hanover Germany and has been curating international contemporary art exhibitions for over two decades. As an artist with a varied background of degrees in Fine Arts and Geology and Paleontology at the University of Hanover, he combines scientific knowledge and visual effects to create unusual and experimental installations. His works were represented with single and group shows, nationally and internationally in such venues as: 

2020  7th Mediations Biennale Poland „Events Horizon“, (DdAlls IV – between worlds), Warsaw; Jelenia Gorá ((DdAlls V – rats and humans) (c, g); MEDEA – 8th interdisciplinary Symposium on Art, Science and Technology, Gallery of the Cyclades, Hermoupolis, Syros, Greece (g); Pavilion O2, Domê umêni Opava, Czech Republic (g); 2019 Pavillon O2, Biennale Venezia, Italy (g); Territorien II, Domagk-Ateliers Halle 50, Munich, Germany (c, g); 2018 iJacking Hannover – Augmented Reality in public space, Hannover, Germany (g); 2017 Attitude, Shanghai Yun Art Center, China (c, g); 2015 „Empty Garden“ – Hotel de Inmigrantes 5, Biennale Nakanojo, Japan (c, g) 2012 Cabildo en el marco de la Bienal de Montevideo, Uruguay (g); Consmopolitan Stranger – Hotel de Inmigrantes II/MANIFESTA 9, Hasselt, Belgium (g); Thinking about. Me, Kunstraum 34, Stuttgart (s); 2007/08 Blood of the ancestors, ZAGREUS Project-Gallery, Berlin, Germany (s) 

(s) single exhibition; (g) group exhibition;(c) catalogue

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