David Rodríguez Gimeno

Born in 1975 in Huesca, Spain.
Interested in the perception and memory structures, he has developed series from mobile sculpture to video image reconstruction, expanded cinema, and robotics applied to the metaphorical movement of perception organic processes.

MA in fine arts in Valencia and trained in new technologies, has developed projects in Spain, Antarctica, Morocco, France, Belgium, Italy, Latvia, Taiwan, and Korea, as well as awarded and participated in festivals such as Cinedans, Holland; Madatac, Spain; Puerto Vallarta, MEXICO; Mediation Biennale, Poland; Osmosis, Taiwan.

He was involved in the construction and design of exhibitions, and he has taught in masters of exhibition design, installation, and new technologies.

Listening from (video and directional sound installation)

Panoramic space, a directional sound reconstruction cartography of the signals received from space, as a kind of sound synesthesia, which by defining our environment’s tone, ends up defining our relative position.

The interpretation is not the thing, it is only a reflection of what comes in the distorting mirror of what is expected.

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