Csilla Babinszky

is a visual artist who works in many fields, creating cross-media works with drawings and paintings, sculptures and photographs, as well as installations. She uses visual language as a tool to question, experiment, explore, and penetrate questions. She sees art practice as research, way of thinking, reflection and self-reflection, and especially enjoys playing with medias and techniques as well as using irony and paradox. She is interested in the different layers of the world of illusion in all its manifestations: visually, philosophically, thematically. 

Her artistic activity revolves around essential questions of the reality of existence, the essence and function of art, and with each work proposing answers from a new angle. In an age when reality appears to have been lost, reality provides no evidence for existence. In fact, she struggles with the peculiarity of our time, exploring and presenting it by demonstrating the ways that are potentially viable for us, formulating the mediary nature and the potential of our vision-existence-art. 

She has won numerous awards, grants and scholarships, and has been participated on artists residency programs worldwide. So far, she has participated in more than a hundred group and solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally. She is currently working on her Doctoral research at the faculty of Art of University of Pecs.

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