Creation of matter / Andrzej Głowacki

The creation of matter is the journeys of the spark ignition that arises in our minds, they are capable of shaping a new reality. The external manifestations of this reality are the images of a new symmetry emerging over time. Symmetry builds every structure of the image. Everything then connects and interacts with each other. A constant transformation and change are going on next to us. For the Pythagoreans, the universe was built harmoniously, which is why it was called the cosmos or the order.

Order is a pleasure of the mind and disorder is the delight of imagination, so when creating images based on symmetry, I look for regularity by applying the randomness of the act of creation. It is a peculiar interpretation of Euclid’s “algorithm” and a new version of the golden ratio based on an increase of symmetry. The human eye seeks regularity in everything it looks at. Creating a narrative plot – a new set of events –  I put my fiction in order. Isn’t art a love of fiction?

I invite you to the imagined worlds and to take part in them through this moment of projection.

Each pixel is a part of mathematics, the number is cognition itself, the structure of these new spaces is also based on the music that flows from it –

the image and the music are a state of mind.

Andrzej Głowacki

Music Adrian Adamski

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