Jakub Cikała

born in 1982 in Katowice Education Academy of FIne Arts in Katowice His interests include the broadly defined intermedia graphics. His works was shown many times in Poland and abroad.  His graphic design work focuses on visual information systems. He has co-authored such systems for museums, monument routes and shopping malls. The visual information system […]

Dariusz Gajewski

born in  1966 r. in Rybnik In 1999, he started working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (branch in Katowice), which became the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice in 2001. He obtained his Doctor of Fine Arts degree in 2005, and the degree of associate professor (dr hab.) in 2014. He taught […]

Andreas Guskos

Education Szczecin University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (architecture) He runs the Exhibition and New Technologies in Design Studio.  Projects Ahelios – virtual interactive spatial environment project for the implementation of artistic, educational and social interaction concepts.  Medea Symposium – interdisciplinary meeting on the border of science, art and technology where ideas from […]

Harro Schmidt

born in 1957 in Grossburgwedel Lives in Hannover.  Education University of Hannover (Fine Arts and Geology and Paleontology) Visual artist specializes in multimedia, installations and painting. He combines scientific knowledge and visual effects to create unusual and experimental installations.  He also works as a curator.  Selected exhibitions:  Pavilion 02, House of Arts in Opava, 2020 […]

Tomasz Wendland

Born in 1960 in Poznan Education Adam Mickiewicz University (History of Art), 1981-1984 Alanus Kunsthochschule Alfter/Bonn Germany (paintings), 1990 Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (drawing, sculpture, education), 1993 PhD „The Unknown”, Dartington College of Art, Plymouth University, Great Britain, 2009 Habilitation „Black Light”, University of Art in Poznan, 2012 Artist Artist working in fields […]

Zbyněk Janáček

Education University of Palacki in Olomouc, Faculty of Philosophy Since 1991, he taught at the University of Ostrava as an assistant professor in departments of plastic education and artistic creativity.  Currently he is a dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ostrava. He is active both in the field of free and […]

Mateusz Ząbek

born in 1988 in Zabrze Education Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice He uses graphics and computer animation, spatial installation, video, painting. He studies the relationship of science and art. He does this by reinterpretations of hypotheses found in the scientific community. In particular, he focuses on the creation of virtual worlds, which are wellknown […]

Pavel Korbicka

www.korbicka.cz Born in Brno in 1972. Lives and works in Brno.  Education Academy of Fine Art and Design, Brno Selected solo exhibitions The Structuring of Space, House of Arts in Opawa, 2020 The Horizonts of Light, Artlike Gallery, Brno, 2019 Deflection, The Brno House of Arts, 2019 The Space of the Body, Via Art Gallery, […]

Marek Sibinsky

Born in 1974 in Frydku-Mistku Education Ostrava University, Faculty of Pedagogy University of Silesia in Katowice, Cieszyn, Faculty of Arts, Institute of Art In his works, artist deals with graphics, painting and experimental approach in graphics. He presented his achievements at over fifty group and individual exhibitions, including Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Italy.  He […]

Adam Jastrzębski

Born in 1980 in Plock Education Warsaw University (art history) Painter, performer, creator of installations. In early 2000s he created a series of projects in public space, mainy murals and street tags. Since 2008 under another pseudonym IxI Color he has made a number of ephemeral interventions projects in public space, oflten coupled with performances.  […]