Ulrika Eller-Rüter

ulrika-eller-rueter.de Born in Hamburg, Germany 1982-88 Studies: Fine Arts Department University Wuppertal/Germany (Prof. Michael Badura); Singing (Claudia Visca; Opera Wuppertal, Music Academy, Wien) 1989 Doktorate “Kandinsky: Bühnenkomposition und Dichtung als Realisation seines Synthese-Konzepts” Since 2006 Professor of painting at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Alfter/Bonn 2008 founding the Institute of „Kunst im sozialen […]

Filip Gajewski

instagram.com/fi.gajewski/ Born in 1999 in Siemianowice Śląskie, study at the Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy. Engaged in multiple VR (Virtual Reality) related projects. Since 2017, he have been cooperating with the Intermedial Experiment Gallery LAB303 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. He conducts workshops and lectures with students […]

David Rodríguez Gimeno

Born in 1975 in Huesca, Spain.Interested in the perception and memory structures, he has developed series from mobile sculpture to video image reconstruction, expanded cinema, and robotics applied to the metaphorical movement of perception organic processes. MA in fine arts in Valencia and trained in new technologies, has developed projects in Spain, Antarctica, Morocco, France, […]

Fan Chih-Ming

Fan has been working in audio and visual project and video installation.  His Video creation themes in addition to the ruins in the city and Local environment, as well as the creation of virtual scenes and virtual reality in recent years.

Andrzej Fasiecki

Education 1975, Diploma, Poznan ASP, Painting, Sculpture and Graphics Faculty Individual exhibitions 1988 Galeria ON 1989 BWA Arsenal Poznań 2005 Patio Lodz Art Center 2006 Innerspace Gallery Poznań Group exhibitions 1981 International Drawing Trienial Wroclaw 1994 International Print Biennial Cracow 2003 International Print Biennial Cracow 2004 Eurografik Kiev and Moscow 2007 Asia-Europe Mediations Poznan 2007 […]

Clemens Fürtler

fuertler.jimdofree.com born in 1966, Mödling Lives and works in Vienna and Klein-Neusiedl Education University of Fine Arts, Vienna (Painting) Residencies 2013 ZF Art Foundation, Friedrichshafen 2003 Patterson Space, Melbourne 2002 Middle Rhine Museum, Koblenz 1998 Palace Museum Patan, Nepal Awards 2013 Grant from the Art Foundation, Friedrichshafen 2010 Anni and Heinrich Sussmann grant for Fine […]

Patricija Gilyte

www.patricija-gilyte.net Southern Germany based Lithuanian artist, whose work intersects site specific installation and video performance. “Drawing on the universal concepts of the body, space, and time – as well as their limitations – Gilyte’s transformation of minimal and lo-tech processes ignite infinite connections inviting us to revisit memory and experience.” Daina Mattis / Undercurrent, NY […]

Andrzej Głowacki

andrzejglo.wordpress.com I am professionally active designer and visual artist.  In my creations I pay attention to popularizing polish art and design.  Education University of Fine Arts, Cracov, Interior Design Department  Head of the Department of Computer Graphics.   Professor at the Department of Computer Graphics at WSiZ Rzeszow.  Employed at the University of Information Technology and […]

Andreas Guskos

PhD D.Sc. Andreas Guskos, Associate Professor Ph.D. and D.Sc. in Art. MA Eng. In Architecture. Working in the fields of Art, Design and Architecture, on the edge of Art, Science and Technology and in the frames of Natural Philosophy. Exhibited and presented his works in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, UAE, USA, Taiwan, […]

Zbyněk Janáček

Born in 1957 in Jeseník, Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia. Creative activity „It’s simple: people create works, and we do what we can with them – we just use them for ourselves“ (Serge Daney)  The intent on printmaking and used graphic art. In the area of graphic design is the cooperation with a lot of Czech […]