Andrzej Jastrzebski

The most importantprojects: „Vinyl” (an Unending project of building pictural objects basing on two technical principles: growth and accumulation. It’s free of arbitrary content, natural, autonomous. It tells the dialectical story of the form) and „Vinylogos” (Artificial language designed to describe Vinyls. Vinylogos was createdas a reflection of the Vinyl, but became autonomous, evolving phenomenon)

Adam Jastrzebski was born in 1980 in Płock, Poland. He studied art history at the University of Warsaw. Between 2003-2008, under the pseudonym Adam-X, he created a series of projects in public space, mainly murals and street tags. Since 2008 under another pseudonym Ixi Color he has made a number of ephemeral interventions project in public space, often coupled with performances. He is also active in the areas of video, photography and net art projects.

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