Aleksandra Mrozowska

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Painting and New Media at the Academy of Art in Szczecin 2018.
My main areas of interest are painting, photography, artist’s book and the creation of installations and sculptural objects. My works often deal with issues of migration resulting from political, social or religious conflicts. The realisations of my works are the result of an analysis of the various countermeasures applied by European countries in relation to the crisis and their actual effects. The main motivation for the themes taken up is the personal experience of living in exile – the experience of being a ‘stranger’, which has been creatively worked through and gradually catalysed in the form of paintings or spatial objects.

Artistic CV:
My achievements include group exhibitions and awards ( 10 recent events):
2016- NATO Corps Headquarters, Szczecin
2016- Jan Dekart Lubuskie Museum, Gorzów Wlkp
2017- Perfex Update, Poznań
2017- Head Office of PKO BP Bank Warsaw
2017-2018- “Szczecin avant-gardes”, National Museum, Szczecin
2018- RWN ART Neubrandenburg
2018- ” THE BEST OFF” Best Diplomas of WMiNM AS in Szczecin- National Museum Szczecin (honorable mention)
2018- Mediations Biennale 2018 Poznań
2019- FNC Diplomas 2018 (formerly as ASP Diplomas), Distinction in the category “Artistic Project”,
2019- Nowy Obraz Nowe Spojrzenie, Poznań, Piła (nominated for the UAP art award)
2020- Mediations Biennale 2020, Warsaw
2022- ZINZINATTI, TRAFO, Szczecin

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